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A CTBids Success Story from Western NY

 Posted by Cynthia Stoddard on February 27, 2019 at 2:45 PM
A client of Caring Transitions of Western NY had an interesting painting to sell. It had been in the family a very long time, and they believed it depicted their great-great aunt. This beautiful antique painting of a young girl with her sheep and hat, once listed on CTBids, our online auction platform, generated a lot of interest. The painting ended up selling for over $5,000! 

Why was an online auction on CTBids the best choice for this painting? Because, in an online auction, bidders will tell you the value of what you have. An online auction reaches a broader audience than an in-person estate sale would, and rather than the seller pre-determining prices for each item, the bidders determine the value. This allows bidders to find great deals and unique pieces, and it enables sellers to maximize the value of their items. 

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